Engineers on the rack

In recent days, criticisms have been levelled at the disciplinary process of engineers as it was revealed that both Alan Reay and David Harding were able to resign from their professional body, IPENZ, before investigations were completed regarding their involvement in the CTV building collapse in Christchurch (see an article in the Listener here).

Last year, IPENZ made a submission to Parliament regarding the Construction Contracts Act Amendment Bill 2013 which proposes that the Act should be extended to design and engineering work. IPENZ asserted that engineers did not need to be included in the Act because engineers do not present a ‘significant problem’ and only four complaints had been made to IPENZ in the previous 12 months (see submission here).

IPENZ’s submission does not mention that the fact that members can resign before any complaint process is completed.

[this post was written by Mary Haggie]

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