How satisfied is your (residential) client?

BRANZ has recently released the 2013 Home Satisfaction Survey, the third survey in a series which aims to assess how new home purchasers view the performance of their builder.

The main finding was 91% of homeowners were most satisfied with overall quality of their home. This is down slightly from 93.6% in the last survey.  

In other statistics 73% of homeowners had to call back their builder to repair defects after first occupancy. This figure was higher in Auckland and Christchurch with 88% and 84% respectively. Of those builders called back 27% of respondents rated the subsequent repair job as poor. In relation to client expectations, only 9% of those surveyed expected there to be no defects in their house and a further 35% found that there were more defects than they had expected. Conversely 57% found that the level of defects was as expected or fewer than expected.

There are a number of other interesting statistics mentioned in the study including:

  • Builders are most likely chosen from a show home or upon a recommendation from friends and family.
  • The quality/reputation of the builder was the most important factor in choosing a builder (77%), with price being one of the least important (13%).
  • The majority of building contracts are fixed price (89%), with the home owner making changes after signing in almost half of those.
  • 15% of homeowners had a dispute over the final cost.

BRANZ is largely funded by the Building Research Levy.

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