Demolition begins on abandoned Christchurch properties

Demolition has begun in Christchurch on over 300 abandoned seaside properties that were red-zoned as a result of the February 2011 earthquake.

The demolition has taken months to plan, and work began at 5.00 am yesterday on the first 20 properties in the Port Hills. These first hillside-located houses are the more straightforward to remove, and will allow access to the more challenging to deconstruct cliff-top properties.

All of the properties are now Crown owned, however in some cases CERA is responsible for demolition, and in others it is the responsibility of Southern Response.

This unique situation has led to a team of geo-technic, engineering, and demolition experts from Southern Response, CERA, and Arrow International working together to plan the demolition of the properties. This is the first time CERA and an insurer have worked together to execute the demolition of a cluster of properties in the Port Hills red-zone.

The 300 Port Hills properties are targeted to be gone by 2016, with deconstruction of the first 20 properties expected to take 20 days to complete.

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