New Zealand’s construction industry going sky-high


Further to our post on 27 March 2014 regarding expected salary increases for construction workers (read the post here), it seems that there is another indication of positive growth in the sector.

Independent property and construction practice, Rider Levett Bucknall, is reported identifying a 610% increase of crane usage in New Zealand, compared with two years ago. RLB says that this is a sign of economic growth.

RLB reports that Auckland has the biggest fleet of cranes up, at 25, including the largest free-standing tower crane in the Southern Hemisphere (standing on the University of Auckland’s science block project). Christchurch is reported in second place with 22 fixed and long-term cranes, which are no longer solely being used for demolition.

Also indicative of growth in the sector is national building firm GJ Gardner reporting that the company’s franchisees are expecting growth of around a third in the amount of new houses built this year, as compared with 2013 (694, to more than 1000).

These are all tangible indications of an industry heading in the right direction.

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